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Tired of your sparse or thin eyebrows? Sick of spending time everyday at the mirror, drawing them in? Do your eyebrows seems to "wear off" by the end of the day? Now you'll never have to worry again. Have Mia design custom brows for you that will compliment your facial structure and natural pigmentation. Mia will help you arrive at the exact design for you. Choose from a soft fill-in style eyebrow, for those with thinning brows, or hairstroke style, which emulates the look of real hair.

The 3-D hairstoke technique utilizes special equipment to allow the technician to draw ultra fine, precise lines which weave into your natural hairs to create an even more natural effect than the hairstroke technique. The 3-D hairstroke technology is at the leading edge of the industry.

This procedure requires a 2.5-hour appointment.

-$300 Soft Fill or Hairstroke technique

-$400 3-D Hairstroke technique

Why have Mia apply permanent pigment to your brows?

• sparse or thinning eyebrows

• eyebrows that are too fair

• alopecia

• scarring that divides a brow

• asymmetrical or droopiing brows

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