Reveal your beauty with Mia's eyelash extention process. This semi-permanent technique will not damage your eyelashes because it involves affixing false lashes one by one with a special medical adhesive which does not contact the skin. With proper care, this adhesive will last 4-6 weeks.

This procedure requires a 90-minute appointment.

Lashes are made ​of light, synthetic fibers, with a natural look and feel. They are thicker at the base, curved and sized perfectly to dress after the body of your eyelashes. They come in different colors, lengths and thicknesses, which can create a variety of different looks.


Your extensions will fall out with your natural eyelashes. and as time goes on, the adhesive will weaken. Mia suggests you come back for a fill-in of the missing lashes. Pricing depends on the amount of lost lashes.

Fill-in -$40-$60


It is OK to clean around your eyes when wearing lash extensions but be careful not to use any oil based products around the eyes as it can loosen the adhesive bond.

It is OK to use makeup remover and mascara with your eyelash extensions but they must not be oil based. All though most makeup removers and mascara are not oil based some are and one should avoid using these products around the lashes.

Be careful not to rub your eyes excessively. Rubbing eyes can cause undue stress on eyelashes and the extensions may fall off prematurely.