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testimaonila permanent makeupabout Mia Permanent Cosmetics, tattoo makeupMia Permanent Cosmetics servicescontact Mia Permanent Makeup permanent makeup services, eyelinerEyeliner is used to draw attention to the eyes, and define or enhance the shape of the lids. Permanent eyeliner helps the eyelashes appear thicker and healthier, and the sclera, or white of the eye, appear whiter and brighter. For a lighter effect, small dots of pigment can be placed between the lashes to create a soft lash enhancement. If you would prefer a more dramatic look, more pigment can be added above the lashes. Mia can even utilize colored eyeliner- using a color that is complimentry to the color of your iris enhances your eye color. For example, if a dark brown is used, your blue eyes will be more vibrant and bright.

Permanent eyeliner is smearpoof, hassle-free, and moistureproof!

• For a deeper more seductive look

• Your lashes are too fair

• You have sparse or missing lashes

• Your eyes frequently water in the wind, cold, light, and when you are ill

• You suffer from dry eyes

• You cannot see what you are doing without glasses

• Your hand is not always steady

• You wear contact lenses and your optician has quite rightly advised you not to put them in until you have finished applying your makeup

This procedure requires a 2-hour appointment for both upper and lower lids.

-$200 top lids
-$200 bottom lids
-$350 all lids


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