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Located in Wayneseville NC, at Mia Salon & Spa, Mia Permanent Cosmetics Clinic offers a full list of beauty services, including permanent cosmetics and eyelash extension.

With over 15 years experience in makeup artistry, Mia Nguyen has honed her skills in the salons and spas of Paris France, Saigon, Vietnam, as well as in the United States. Mia Permanent Cosmetics Studio features only the newest technology and highest quality equipment available. Enjoy the studio's relaxing, creekside setting, and let Mia share her beauty knowledge with you. Call to set up an appointment for a complimentary consultation today!

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is pigment which is implanted under the skin using needles. The pigment is visible becasue of the translucency of the skin.

Despite the name, permanant makeup is not in fact permanent. Since it is implanted less deep in the skin than a body tattoo, it fades quicker. Based on the customer's immune system and depth of tattooing, your permanent makeup may last 2-3 years. Mia recommends an annual touchup for all procedures.

Mia uses a topical anaesthetic cream to manage pain the procedure may cause, as well as individual disposable needles, ink containers and gloves for each and any client.

Who benefits from Cosmetic Tattooing?

• Busy people with little time to re-apply makeup.

• People with allergies to conventional makeup.

• Anyone who desires freedom and convenience from daily makeup applications.

• People with physical limitations

• People seeking corrections for asymmetrical features

• Athletic people and those with oily skin who tend to shed makeup easily.

• Burn or cancer survivors.

• Men and women who wish to look their best at all times.

Swimmers, sports enthusiasts of all types.

Men as well as women possibly due to scarring from fever blisters, etc.

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